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Dear Friends and Clients,

imigrasi.net  is an immigration and business consulting service located in Jakarta, Indonesia. We can help you to plan your temporary or permanent stay in Indonesia, solve your visa, work permit or other immigration formalities or assist you in the naturalization process. We are well-known for assisting mixed married couples in their immigration status. 

Coming to live in a foreign country is sometimes not easy, but with our knowledgeable staff, we can make this process easier.

We have a broad and relevant experience in foreign and local company formation and administration, dealing with Indonesian government institution, business licensing, legal and technical due diligence, trademark registration, business advisory and dispute resolution.  

If you need a customized, comprehensive and professional solution for you or your business do not hesitate to contact us.

Looking forward to you,

Analia Trisna, MM


PT LK Solusi

Our list of clients includes foreign and local legal entities and individuals, among them: PT Cape East Indonesia, PT Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia, Yayasan Happy Hearts Indonesia, PT Pancana Toa Echo, Good Practice Clinic, PT Energi Sejahtera Agung, PT Acmer and many other satisfied clients.

imigrasi.net is owned by PT Laut Ketenangan Solusi (LK Solusi), a limited liability company established in 2012 with domicile in

G. Regatama #B 204, Jl Pariaman No. 1B 12970 Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia. The Company has all required Government licenses for immigration, work permits and other offered services.